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Company Incorporation in the Seychelles

How to start a Seychelloise limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in the Seychelles.



What kind of documents are issued for a company in the Seychelles?

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Seychelles Company Taxes

When the documents for a company in the Seychelles arrive, there is enough documentation to open a bank account anywhere in the world.

  • A certificate attesting who is empowered to manage the company
  • The Deed of the company

Anonymity of a company in the Seychelles

The company deed remains in the office of the Resident Agent of the Company, but his name does not appear in the documents.

  • Our agent is appointed as the first director
  • Our agent is appointed as the first shareholder.

Documents to ensure ownership of the company

We will deliver the following documents to ensure that you are the owner of the company:

  • Minutes of the meeting of the first Board of Directors to appoint you as the first director
  • Minutes of the purchase of shares

Shares to the bearer or nominees

We can manage the documents to arrange delivery of the share certificates to the bearer. It should be recorded in the documents of the agent, who the custodian of the certificates is.

It is also possible to have a nominee shareholder, and a trust in his favor.