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Company Incorporation in Singapore

How to start a Singaporean limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in Singapore.



Advantages of a company in Singapore

The first $ 100,000 is tax exempt during the first three years of the existence of the company, and profits upto $300,000 are subject to Corporation Tax to 8.5%

How to incorporate a limited company in Singapore?


Normally it takes three days to form a company in Singapore. There are ready-made companies to buy. The incorporation is through an Agent, you do not need to visit the country.

The registration details are sent to the Registrar of Companies and Business. Within three days they issue a Certificate of Incorporation.

The data we need is the following:

  • The name of the company requested and the activities of the new company.
  • Data from the administrators. As always, we need a copy of your passport or national identity card with evidence of the current residential address and a reference from a lawyer or accountant and a bank reference.
  • Data from the secretaries. With the above requirements
  • The proposed registered office of the company, we can provide the address of our agents.
  • Data from the shareholders- In case of a corporate partner, we need a certificate of existence of society and compliance with the law and a copy of the statutes of the society. Probably you need an Apostille on the documents or the legalization of the documents provided.

Nationality of the directors and secretaries.

One of the managers of his company in Singapore must be a resident. Nominative service is available if necessary.

The secretary must be resident in Singapore and has to be established to act in this capacity.