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Company Incorporation in Slovakia

How to start a Slovak limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in Slovakia.



How to incorporate your company in Slovakia

Advantages and introduction to form in Slovakia

Maintaining a company in the Slovakia eslovaquia
Pre-constituted companies in Slovakia

The legislation comes from the same source of legislation for the Czech Republic. Slovakia has the advantage because the country is already in the Euro area.

  • It is easy to open a Euro currency bank account in the Slovak Republic
  • There is no withholding tax on the payment of dividends

Steps for setting up a company in Slovakia

  • Prepare the incorporation deed of the company, to be signed by every partner. In case of a  single founder is required the intervention of a notary public.
  • Application for registration in the commercial register signed by members of the Council
  • A statement by the administrator or CEO to point how much has been  paid by members as capital.
  • A commercial license granted by the municipal authority. Previously it is necessary  have a headquarters
  • Permission to open the headquarters by the municipal authorities where  it resides.

Administrative Points on Forming a Company in Slovakia.

  • Residence permit for members of the Governing Council foreigners.
  • Making public the Company Incorporation Deed Proceed to registration of the society.
  • The request must contain the signatures authenticated  all partners.
  • To carry out on some of these efforts can empower people outside society. This seizure can formalize a lawyer.