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Organising Corporate and Personal Life in Spain

Organising the payroll for the company. The importance of looking after employment issues.



The Regular Payroll Routine

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Personal Tax and Legal Issues

For a typical client, we produce:

  • a payslip for each employee
  • a summary of all costs in the month
  • a journal stating what the entries are to reflect the payroll costs for the month

Taxation of the payroll

A TC1 and TC2 documents are produced each month- this states the social security contributions during the month, which are paid, usually by direct debit, at the end of the month after the payment of net salaries.

Income Tax retentions are paid after the end of each quarter.

Our experience on redundancy issues

We have been asked to prepare documents for redundancy programmes.

Several types of redundancy are possible, but in general an employee needs to be stated the reason for the redundancy.

We have also represented the client in court, with a colleague who is an experienced Court labour lawyer.