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Company Taxation: the typical documents which we can lodge for you.



The tax year

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Nearly all companies need to lodge a Corporation Tax Return, some seven months after the end of the accounting year. This is lodged electronically. Much of the return is a duplicate of documentation which is filled in for the Annual Accounts, with additional disclosure about "Profit and Loss" items, which may or may not be allowable.

Some summary documents; summarising the VAT for the year, the retentions on professional fees or on rental of properties, are lodged at the end of January. Documents summarising large transactions during an accounting year are lodged at the end of March.

Questions in company administration in Spain

What VAT scheme to I need to be on to get input VAT back quickly?

The main document is a VAT return which is relatively simple. You generally need to submit the VAT return quarterly, but you can opt into the monthly scheme: which allows you to ask for the monthly return of VAT: ideal for exporters: see here

What are these retentions on rental we are paying out? see here

The Electronic Signature

All companies should have an electronic signature, so that they can lodge documents on-line with the tax authorities. In previous years, there were master signatures available to some Spanish accountancy and legal firms; this system still exists, and was going to cease to exist in 2010. However, because of too many faults in the programmes to lodge documents on-line, the tax authorities still permit documents to be lodged with master signatures.