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Fees for incorporating a company in Spain

What are the fees for incorporating your company?



Company Incorporation

  • Reserve the name at the Central Registry
  • Preparation of the "voluntary agreement" and presentation of the 036 to advise of the incorporation
  • Drafting of a writing by a notary
  • Notary fees
  • Tax payment on the affidavit
  • Portfolio with all certificates
  • Introduction and removal of documents with the Companies Registry
  • Advertising payment for the registration of the new company in BORME
€ 1550

Assistance with opening a bank account in order to constitute the company with the certificate

€ 420
Elaboration of a power of attorney (in English and Spanish) in order to obtain a NIE number for foreigners in Spain
€ 200
Procedures to register the company in Spain (obtaining a CIF) in order to subscribe or buy the shares of a company
€ 250

Procedures to obtain a NIE for a foreigner to be the director of the company in Spain, including visits by the police and pick up of the document (express service - reduction of 40% if it's normal service)

€ 350

In general, prices are subject to a charge of 21% Spanish VAT. Approximate costs regarding administration can be found here. Prices for registering VAT and IRPF documents can be found here.