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Getting a NIE number in Spain

Getting an identification number for a foreign national



To represent a company in Spain, you need an identification number: the ''Número de Identificación de Exranjero"

The number is required for practically every issue in Spanish life:

  • to be a representative for a company, with activity in Spain
  • to get a contract for a mobile phone
  • to sign any document with a notary (in practice there are some temporary exceptions)
  • to lodge tax documents (such as personal income returns)

Can we get a NIE number for you? How do we do this?

You can get an NIE number with a power of attorney, which we can prepare for you. If you are in Spain, you can sign this giving us authority to get the number on your behalf. If you are outside Spain, we can send you a pre-prepared power of attorney document, which you need to sign with a notary in your own country, and then apostille to send to us.

We can then:

  • go to the Police Commisariat and get the number on your behalf
  • should you need to do an act quickly, we can get an emergency number from the tax authorities here while your official number is being processed.