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Organising Corporate and Personal Life in Spain

Personal Tax issues in Spain



Registering as a Self-Employed Person or as an Employee


As an employee, even with Powers of Attorney to do a wide variety of actions, you may be tied, and may not be able to bind the company in a contract the way you want to. Therefore there are a number of advantages in registering as self employed if you are a director of a Spanish company.

However, there is a break on people becoming tax resident in Spain, who were previously tax resident in another country, which is colloquially called the "Beckham law". This is useful where an employee is likely to be a very large earner, and does not need powers to be an employer. It is not available where the person owns more than 25% of a company.

How to Register

You need to:

  • Register as a resident of Spain.
  • Get on the electoral role for a particular town
  • Register for Social Security- you need to go the Social Security office nearest the place you name as your residence