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Tax Amnesty 2012


There will be an amnesty for income and dividends coming from companies and personal sources outside Spain, which have not already being taxed.

This means that a taxpayer will have to pay:

  • 8% on dividend income from companies which not subject to tax abroad
  • 10% on personal income sources: like interest payments on foreign accounts

The marginal rates for normal IRPF tax in 2012 are between 24,75% and 52%, so any income which can be allowed under the amnesty, should be taxed under the amnesty.

What income is subject to the 2012 amnesty?

If a regular income source (such as a share in profits in a non-taxed company abroad) has never been taxed before, you may be allowed to take advantage of the amnesty.

How to declare the income which is subject to the 2012 amnesty?

You need to declare this in a special form, which was promised in the "Disposición Adicional Primera RDL12/2012".

It appears that you should not declare this income as part of the normal "Declaración de la Renta"