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Organising Corporate and Personal Life in Spain

Registering your Foreign Company in Spain



To be party to a public contract in Spain, you need to register your company in Spain.

  • You will need a simple Registered Office
  • At the initial stage you will certainly need a phone and redirection of mail. We can offer extensive virtual office services
  • You will need to keep an lodge books of account
  • You will need to comply with tax legislation for the company
  • If you have employees; you need to register the company for Social Security

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Forming a Company is not the only way to get set up in Spain

We can provide other structures which may have advantages

  • A Representative Office
  • A Branch or Sucursal

Personal Issues

You need to:

  • Get an Identification Number; the NIE number
  • Register as a Resident
  • Register for Social Security, if you are going to be self employed
  • Do various returns; such as the annual income tax return (the "Declaración de la Renta") .