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Organising Corporate and Personal Life in Spain

Setting up a Representative Office in Spain



What is a Representative Office?


A foreign company, which simply wants a presence in Spain, can establish a representative office. For many clients, this is the simple structure, which is used when a company is invoicing a substantial amount in Spain, and is obliged to get a VAT number.

With the simple "Registered Office" structure, one can:

  • Invoice to Spanish companies
  • and have a VAT number in Spain

How do you set up a Representative Office in Spain

To get the Representative Office set up, we need:

  • A recent certificate of the company stating the registration details and the names of the directors of the company.
  • A copy of the company statutes
  • The legalisation of, at least, one company document for use in Spain: probably the registry certificate (which is often called a Certificate of Good Standing or a Certificate of Existence for the company)
  • A legalised copy of the passport of one of the officers of the company, which wants to register in Spain

We need to lodge with the Tax Authorities

  • A translation of the documents
  • A form 036

We can register the company simply to be identified (for example to be a shareholder), or we can register for a particular tax; such as VAT

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