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Company Incorporation in Switzerland

How to start a Swiss limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in Switzerland.



Steps to incorporate your GmbH / SARL in Switzerland

Public company in Switzerland suiza
  • Choice of name, verified by the Federal Service of Trade Registration
  • You must file incorporation documents with the Trade Registry
  • Carry out the payment of the stamp duty on share capital
  • Register with the tax authorities and social security
  • There are no restrictions with regards to the name of your company (your name should be unique).

It takes 10 to 14 days to complete the incorporation.

Share Capital

The share capital is CHF 20,000 and must be paid into a Swiss bank. The notary must see the deposit certificate.

Resident manager of the company

At least one of the directors must be resident in Switzerland.


Drafting the By-Laws, in the presence of a public notary.

The public notary notarizes the personal and corporate signatures on the application form and authenticates the statutes and the incorporation articles.

You have to fill out a form under the law: Lex Friedrich at the time of formalizing the constitution.