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Company Incorporation in Tunisia

How to start a Tunisian limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in Tunisia.



Why Tunisia?


Tunisia is popular because of the growth of the economy there.

  • The country has a stable government, ruled by the same elite since independence
  • It is easy to open bank accounts and there is relative banking secrecy

Steps to Incorporate a Company in Tunisia

  • The Share Capital, the minimum being around € 500 has to be deposited in an account in the name of the company being formed.
  • There is a one-stop agency, which deals with the whole incorporation (Guichet Unique (API)) which must issue a document stating that the promoter of the company has filed a statement of their wish to incorporate a company in Tunisia.
  • The deed of incorporation needs to be written up.
  • The deed must be filed with the tax authorities, The Tax Administration Service keeps two copies,
  • Eight registered copies are lodged by the company to various agencies.
  • A Certificate of Existence of the Company is lodged to the Control Office of the Tax Service (Les Impôts de Contrôle)
  • The tax Control Office issue the identification card of the company
  • Ratification of the Incorporation is issued by the Clerk of the Commercial Court (the 'Greffe du Tribunal')
  • Publication of the details of the company is done in the official trade journal by the Government Printing Office
  • Lodging of the Deeds in the Commercial Register

Registered Office Rules

You will need a fully working headquarters for his company in Tunisia, which is suitable for the type of business you intend to do.

We offer a service to find a registered office, adequate for you

A contract to rent an office for you needs to be drawn up with the owner of the premises

Your lease contract, the "Contrât du Bail" needs to be print and stamped correctly.