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Company Formation in Turkey

How to incorporate a company in Turkey. Incorporation or formation of Turkish companies.

Advantages and introduction to incorporating in Turkey

Company taxes in Turkey turkey
Company administration Turkey

The constant development of this country and it's rapproachement towards the EU has moved it's legislation to a greater conformity with european laws, facilitating the incorporation of companies in Turkey.

  • It's simple to open and manage a bank account in Turkey, for the whole of Europe.
  • There is no withholding tax on the payment of dividends

Steps for company incorporation in Turkey

  • Elaborate the Company Statutes, that have to be signed by all the partners. In the case of a sole founder the intervention of a public notary is required.
  • Registration with the Commercial Register signed by the members of the Administration.
  • A statement from the manager or CEO to point out how much has been paid by members as capital.
  • A commercial license issued by the municipal authority. It's necessary previously to have a Registered Office.
  • Residence permit for a Registered Office from the municipal authorities whereever they reside.
  • Residence permit for the foreign members of the Board of Directors. Lodging the statutes with the registry.
  • Proceed to the registration of the company. The application must contain the notarized signatures for all partners.
  • To proceed with these transactions it's people outside of the company may be empowered. The empowerent can be formalised by a lawyer.