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Company Incorporation in the UK for non-residents

How to start a British limited company. Incorporation or formation of a company in the UK.



Do I have to be a British citizen or resident to establish a British company?

  • No need to be a British citizen or a British resident
  • No need to go to the UK to incorporate the company
  • No need for any notarized document before the incorporation of a British company
  • No need for more than one person to incorporate a new company
  • The British company can be incorporated without any intention of trading in the UK
  • No need to have premises in the United Kingdom. However, you really need to have a headquarters. If you do not have one, we can offer our customer service office.

Unlike other jurisdictions, there are no restrictions on the incorporation of a British company. If you’re thousands of miles away, with the intention of doing business far away from the UK, you can still get incorporated in the United Kingdom almost instantly.

We will direct you. At first you must:

  • Select the name you want for the company
  • Let us know your name and address
  • Decide what additional services you want us to provide.

Residence of a British company

A UK company does not necessarily have fiscal residency according to the double taxation agreement. If you want a certificate of residence in order:

  • not to have deductions on a cash flow in another country
  • or for VAT matters

Do not hesitate in contacting us. In general, the residence is a matter of common sense. If a company is incorporated in the UK, but doesn’t have any employees or offices in the United Kingdom, it is not a resident for the purposes of many double taxation agreements.