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VAT and sale of products in Europe

Rules about VAT in Europe. General guidelines.

What are the options?

There are people who prefer to sell without VAT in Europe. Having a company in an EU country that does not require a VAT number or VAT at the time of its formation, examples of this are the United Kingdom and Ireland. You're probably restricted to having a business with an average volume of turnover.

Incorporating a company outside the EU

  • In some countries there is expressly need for a company not incorporated in tax havens like the U.S., Dominican Republic or Costa Rica.
  • Depending on the import and export routes and billing, make sure that there is no possibility of VAT through customs duties.
  • There are also people who will need a European VAT number or CIF without wanting to channel everything through a country that has a high rate of taxes. What are the options?


  • Spain, for example, is an extremely entrepreneurial and imaginative country; it has done much to open itself to the world and European markets; there are Spanish-owned shops, banks and distribution companies around the world! On the other hand, Spain is a country with high taxes and too bureaucratic ...... How can you make sales without VAT tax?
  • Through a company out of Spain that can provide a VAT number or European CIF easily, a company can begin to import and export quickly.
  • We have relationships with many European countries but we recommend Cyprus and Malta for these cases.


In Cyprus, once the company is established, we can obtain a VAT number or CIF quickly. You need to fill out some forms explaining to what is dedicated the company, and the number is obtained almost immediately.


In Malta, after establishing the company, the process is a little longer, maybe ten days or more, but does not require the activity of the company.