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Frequently Asked Questions regarding your new company


Useful questions:

When I incorporate a company outside Spain, do I have to register as an independent in the country of constitution?

In general: NO.

In countries like Gibraltar, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus, Seychelles and others, there is no need to be an independent in order to be the director of a company in one of these countries.

If you are not independent in Spain, you don´t have to register as an independent in those countries either.

When I have a business online, where do I set up a company?

There are options:

  • the country in which you reside
  • a European country in order to obtain a VAT number
  • a low-tax country
Where can I get a bank account, without complications, and preferably without visiting the country?

The model we use most, in order to avoid visits, is:

Cyprus, Switzerland, Latvia, Hungary.

Where can an offshore company be incorporated and a bank account created, in order to receive an inheritance or an important incoming? The model we use most is a company from the Seychelles or Belize with a bank account in Latvia.
What services do the banks with which we work offer?

The specialized banks offer services expressly for offshore companies

  • Prepaid cards, to withdraw money in countries of operation from the cashier
  • Internet Banking Service
  • Possibility of having a merchant account to process credit card receipts